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From Fr. Paul 7-16-2017

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

Altar Linen Care Over the past few weeks we have invited you to ask the Holy Spirit for direction as to where you are called to serve the Lord at St. Mary parish. One of the areas we do very much need some helping hands is in the area ... Read More »

Sharing Our Talents

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

Did you get your Sharing Our Talent Brochure that was handed out after all Masses last weekend? If not, they are available at all three entrances to the church and in the parish office.

We invite you to look at the many ministries offered here and discern where you ... Read More »

Christian Service News 7-16-2017

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

“I was a stranger and you made me welcome.” (Matthew 25:35) Greetings Everyone,While we prepare for Mercy in Action Day, October 14, 2017, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the Corporal Works of Mercy. Jesus gave us these when He described the “last judgment day” as ... Read More »

From Fr. Paul 7-9-2017

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

Last Sunday I commented that taking direction from our Archbishop’s pastoral letter, “Unleash the Gospel,” we would be praying as a parish family at St. Mary that each and every one of us make a new commitment to reclaim Sunday as the Lord’s Day by coming to Mass and ... Read More »

Charisms - Our Spiritual Gifts

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

When it comes to volunteering in the parish, many times people will ‘sign up’ or volunteer for a need that the parish has, but it may not always be a good fit for the ministry or the person volunteering. When we are placed in a position that we are ... Read More »

Christian Service News 7-9-2017

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

“He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given.” (Proverbs 19:17) Greetings Everyone, Many of us working in the Christian Service Ministry are preparing for that big day in October, Mercy in Action Day, October 14. We had ... Read More »

From Fr. Paul 7-2-2017

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

It seems that every time I drive somewhere I encounter the orange barrels signifying that it is construction season. While inconvenient, it signifies that necessary repairs and upgrades are being made. The same has been true inside our church here at St. Mary over the last number of weeks. ... Read More »

Sharing Our Talent

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

There are many exciting things happening in our Church these days! The archbishop’s pastoral letter, “Unleash the Gospel”, has given our clergy and those in parish leadership an exciting new vision about where our Church will be headed in the coming months and years.

Archbishop Vigneron has a plan ... Read More »

St. Mary CSA Goals 2017 - 7-2-2017

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

Increase parish participation to 40% Exceed assigned target of $92,000

Week 9 Update We are now at a total of $85,115.00, which is 92.5% of our goal! 289 families have donated a gift, which is 25% parish participation thus far. We still need to have 177 families make a ... Read More »

Christian Service News 7-2-2017

Posted by Tanya Graettinger

“Religion [cannot] be relegated to the inner sanctum of personal life, without influence on societal and national life.” (Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel, 183) Greetings Everyone, This week we celebrate Independence Day, on Tuesday July 4th. How many of us find mid-week holidays a little bit annoying? It’s ... Read More »