What Do I Have & How Do I Use It? 2-18-2018

In our daily lives we must constantly make decisions, acknowledging that we can’t have it all or do it all. We must make a decision as to which things are the most important to us, which leads us to the “B” word that so many of us fear—BUDGETING. We need to budget our money, but we also need to budget our time as well.

Budgeting is really just defining and organizing our priorities so we have a road map to actually accomplishing the things that are most important to us.

When we have a budget or a plan, it gives us peace of mind. It isn’t good to have everything we want. It would foster a selfishness that could crowd God out of our lives. When we budget our time and money - and include God, as well as our other priorities, we learn to fulfill our wants with what’s left, that is when we are learning to lean on and depend on God, and that is really what God wants of us.

QUESTIONS: Where Do you Spend Your Money & Time?

Money: How much do you spend weekly in these areas?

  • Eating out (coffee, lunch, fast food, delivered food, etc.) ______
  • Entertainment (shows, concerts, Netflix, cable, etc.) ________
  • Miscellaneous (hairdresser, cosmetics, gym membership) _____
  • Purchases for myself (clothes, apps, gifts) _________
  • Gifts for others _____
  • Church/Charitable contributions ______

Time: How many hours/minutes do you spend on the activities in a day or week?

  • Watching TV _____
  • Computer or phone time (outside of work) _____
  • With Others (family, friends) _____
  • Entertainment/Relaxation ______
  • Spiritual (Mass, prayer, reading scripture) _____
  • Volunteer time ____
  • Other ______

If you couldn’t answer these questions or weren’t happy with your answers, pay special attention and monitor how you are you using your time and money in the coming weeks. Lent is a great time of reflection and to re-evaluate our priorities.

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