St. Mary CSA Goals 2017 - 5-7-2017

  • Increase parish participation to 40%

  • Exceed assigned target of $92,000

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak CSA Goals 2017

We are off to a good start! The first week of our CSA campaign had 76* families returning their pledge cards. We are at of our 26% of our target amount with less than 10% of our parish families participating thus far.

Can you imagine how successful this campaign would be if we reach our goal of participation? Remember that once we reach our target amount, any monies over $92,000 will be returned to the parish to finish the improvements to our worship space.

*Note: this does not include the number of families who have made their donation online. We will include that amount when we get a report verifying those donations.

Thank you to those who have generously donated thus far. Please turn in your pledge and census cards as soon as possible.

Also, if you can not give this year, please turn in a pledge card with zero on it, so that we do not include you in our follow-up. All mailed pledge cards must be accounted for our records.