St. Mary CSA Goals 2017 - 5-14-2017

  • Increase parish participation to 40%

  • Exceed assigned target of $92,000

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak St. Mary CSA Goals 2017

The second week of our CSA campaign brought in 67 new gifts and a pledged amount of $18,205.00. 28 families have given $8,955.00 through online giving. That brings our total to $51,195.00, which is 55% of our target amount with 14.7% participation thus far. Individual gifts have ranged from $10 to several thousand dollars, with an average gift of $299.00!

Christian Stewardship teaches us that we share our gifts in proportion to what God has blessed us with. Those of us who have more may be able to give more, but we all should be able to share something and support our parish and our archdiocese in its ministries.

“No one shall appear before the Lord empty-handed, but each of you with as much as he can give, in proportion to the blessings which the Lord, God has bestowed on you.” Deuteronomy 16:16-17

Fr. Paul and the CSA Team look forward hearing from you as soon as possible. If for some reason you cannot or choose not to support this campaign, please turn in your CSA card with a $0 amount and don’t for get your census card.