RCIA - Their Journey of Faith: "Election: Saying Yes to Jesus"

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak RCIA - Their Journey of Faith“From this loving knowledge of Christ springs the desire to proclaim him, to ‘evangelize,’ and to lead others to the ‘yes’ of faith in Jesus Christ.”” CCC 428

On Sunday, March 5, (the first Sunday of Lent) the adults taking part in the process to become Catholic (RCIA) will travel with their sponsors to the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit. The catechumens will celebrate the rite of election and enter the period of purification and enlightenment, which leads to the celebration of the Easter Sacraments. Election comes from a word that means “choose.” The ceremony reflects this theme: God has chosen and called us. Baptized Christians seeking full communion with the Catholic Church will celebrate a rite called the call to continuing conversion. The Archbishop also recognizes the desire of the baptized candidates for the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist within the Catholic community.

On Sunday, February 19, the participants in the RCIA process will learn more about what our “yes” to Jesus really means in anticipation of receiving their sacraments at the Easter Vigil. Our ’yes” is an affirmation of our trust in Christ as well as a promise to follow Christ. The participants will discern how they will respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow him. They will consider the various responses to Jesus’ invitation in the Gospels. And will learn more about the rite of election and the call to continuing conversion.

Please continue to pray for our twelve adults who are truly on a journey of faith with Christ Jesus. It is an honor to have them with us at St. Mary and it is an honor to support their relationship with Jesus.

Christine Wagberg, P.A.