Prayer - A Pillar of Lent 2-11-2018

Ash Wednesday will soon be here, and with it the very Catholic anxiety about what we are “giving up for Lent.” Many of us focus so much on what we give up - a practice not made mandatory by the Church - that we neglect the three pillars of Lent; prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Prayer - This one should be the easiest of the three. As Christians we are supposed to be praying anyway, so why make it a requirement? Because the sad truth is that many Christians do not pray, at least not with any regularity.

I myself struggle sometimes with prayer. Sure I pray when I am in church and whenever someone asks me to pray for them for a specific reason, but getting that time set aside daily for prayer, often escapes me. If you are like me, sometimes we think we are too busy or we just forget, but how can we be to busy to praise God who created us, or to adore His son who died for us?

To help us with the prayer process during Lent, we have available for you a Prayer Process Card developed by Matthew Kelly and the folks at Dynamic Catholic. Tuck this little prayer card in your wallet, purse, or someplace that you always have with you to help you pray daily.

The card will help you touch on six specific points in your life: (1) Gratitude, (2) Awareness, (3) Significant Moments, (4) Peace, (5) Freedom, and (6) Others.

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak Prayer Process

These small cards will be available at each entrance of the church on Ash Wednesday.

May you have a very prayerful Lenten Season,

Linda Maccarone

Stewardship Coordinator