From Your Pastor, 2-19-2017

Great News! As of this past weekend, we have reached our goal of $150,000 for our heating and cooling project! This is great news, and I thank all of you who have contributed for your generous support of your parish. It shows the great things all of us at St. Mary can do when we work together, always praying first and then sharing. We should all be very pleased with this accomplishment. If you have not yet contributed and are able to, please continue to do so. We reached the goal of what we need for the cooling portion of the project. Additional funds can always go to updating and improving our sound system in the church.

On Tuesday, I went to the Archdiocesan offices in downtown Detroit to meet with the Archbishop’s advisory council, the College of Consultors, to present our needs. The College of Consultors advises the Archbishop when a parish asks to initiate large scale building projects or asks to spend large sums of money. Since we are planning to do both a large cost project that replaces our HVAC system and alters the interior of our church, I was asked to present at the meeting, along with one member from our finance council, our parish council and our building committee. Although I do not have written approval to move forward at the writing of this article, I believe the meeting went very well. The Consultors were impressed that we raised $150,000 in just about two months. I will keep everyone posted on the updates as soon as I hear them.

We are also nearing completion on our replacement of the fire alarm system in the school. This replaces the outdated, original 1968 fire alarm system with a brand new system. Money raised through the school was used for this project. The school is currently very busy preparing for their Open House and for the school auction. Please pray for the success of these two events. St. Mary Catholic School shares in the mission of St. Mary parish to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to our area of Royal Oak and Southeastern Michigan. St. Mary school is a great blessing for our parish.

Finally, Lent will be here before you know it. Ash Wednesday begins this year on March 1st. This is the perfect time to begin thinking about how you are going to have a great Lent. Great Lent? Isn’t Lent about fasting, denial and giving something up? Isn’t it about doing or giving more? The answer is yes to the above. But, above all, Lent is about making time to know Jesus. That is why we fast, make extra time for prayer and good works and give something up. This time to grow closer to Jesus is the Church’s gift to us so that we are more faithful disciples, thinking with the mind of God, on a straighter path to Eternal Life in heaven. What will you be doing this Lent to make it great?

Have a blessed week,

Fr. Paul