From the Pastoral Associate... 5-14-2017

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak Pastoral Associate“I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” Lyrics from What a Wonderful World

There are certain songs that put me straight into tears. Whenever I hear “What a Wonderful World,” sung by Louis Armstrong, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by love. It was the song my Mother would sing to me when I was very young as she held me in her arms while we danced cheek to cheek in our living room. I remember it so clearly. I remember the way her cheek felt next to mine. Her lovely voice echoing through me. The way I fit so perfectly in her arms. All of the love my Mother has shown for me over the decades, her sacrifices, her support, her prayerful notes of love to me, all get packaged into that one song, into that one little memory.

Windmill cookies have the same effect with me. Do you remember windmill cookies? It’s a crisp cookie, mixed with sliced almonds and cut into the shape of a windmill. It really is good. My late Grandma Florence would always have those cookies and a glass of milk on hand for me whenever I walked to her house after school. I loved those times with her because for whatever reason, she would always answer any question I would offer her. It was fantastic. Questions about her life, her regrets, her greatest joys, historical goings on during her lifetime and about religion. I learned a lot about her during those times when we sat at her kitchen table, dipping windmill cookies into cold white milk.

Mothering can teach us the value of charity, mercy, patience, and laughter. A Mother can provide a listening ear, good counsel, guidance, loving arms and hands. Mothering is about bonding, supporting, caring and nurturing. But Mothering doesn’t come easy. Mothering is something women learn how to do and the way we love or show love might be flawed but the essence of what exists, love, is perfect and real in it’s own unique way.

Our Blessed Mother has mothered me during my lifetime, too. She has revealed herself to me at various critical times in my life. Each time, her involvement helped me to know her Son better, to have a heart of hope, and to see myself in the situation as a very loved, righteous daughter of God despite my unworthiness.

Lift your Mom, your Grand Mom, those who’ve been like a Mother to you and those who yearn to be a Mom, up in prayer today and ask God and our heavenly Mother to shower special blessings upon them. Happy Mother’s Day!

Christine Wagberg, P.A.