From the Pastoral Associate... 1-7-2018

On Sunday, January 7, during the 11 a.m. Mass, families who had children baptized in 2017 will gather and receive a special blessing from their Pastor and their St. Mary family. Sunday, January 7, is the Feast of the Epiphany in which we celebrate the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ to His people. And as a holy family of God, we will ask Our Father to bless our homes, those who live in it and those who visit our home. It is also our invitation to Jesus to be a daily guest in our home and to be a part of all of the various goings on there.

Like the magi, the RCIA participants are on a journey searching for Christ and discovering ever-new ways how God reveals Himself to us each day. On Sunday, January 7, the RCIA participants will be learning about the sacrament of marriage. The participants will learn to describe marriage as an expression and sign of God’s love (self-giving, forgiving, faithful, lifelong, intimate, unifying, and creative). They will learn Catholic teachings on marriage and will discover ways in which the sacrament of marriage mirrors the love of God, the paschal mystery, and the unity of the Holy Trinity.

Next weekend we will be celebrating the baptisms of young children under the age of seven. Dominic, Luke, Parker, Eloise, Lucille, Oscar, and Isabel will benefit greatly from your heart-felt prayers.

May the love of God bless our family with joy and may any resentment be banished from our home and let forgiveness always rule in our hearts. Amen.

Christine Wagberg