From Fr. Paul 7-30-2017

Throughout the next few months I will be sharing excerpts from Archbishop Vigneron’s pastoral letter, Unleash the Gospel. This letter comes after much discernment and prayer. A few years ago the entire archdiocese prayed for a new Pentecost here in Detroit. At Synod 16 (the gathering of bishops, priests, religious, and people from the parishes across the Archdiocese of Detroit) the Archbishop listened to challenges and concerns facing our local Church. Our staff and parish leadership will be looking to this letter to assist us unleash the Gospel here at St. Mary. Our hope is that each one of us comes to experience a powerful encounter with Jesus. The letter will particularly help us prepare those to receive Sacraments in the Church. Below I would like to share what the Archbishop lays out as our foundational conviction for our mission. You can access the letter at: http://

“The Synod’s foundational conviction is that the Church in the Archdiocese of Detroit is resolved to obey the Holy Spirit and be made by him a band of joyful missionary disciples. This means that the Archdiocese, following the call of Pope Francis, is resolved to undergo a “missionary conversion,” a change in our culture, such that every person at every level of the Church, through personal encounter with Jesus Christ, embraces his or her identity as a son or daughter of God and, in the power of the Holy Spirit, is formed and sent forth as a joyful missionary disciple. For families this means that every family embraces its role as the domestic church and, in connection with other families and single persons, actively seeks the spiritual and social renewal of its neighborhood, schools and places of work. For parishes and archdiocesan services it means the renewal of structures to make them Spirit-led and radically mission- oriented. For everyone in the Archdiocese it entails making one’s relationship with Jesus and alignment with his will the central guiding principle of every aspect of life. This missionary conversion entails a strikingly countercultural way of living grounded in prayer, Scripture, and the sacraments; unusually gracious hospitality; a capacity to include those on the margins of society; and joyful confidence in the providence of God even in difficult and stressful times.”

I will continue to share portions of the letter here, and we will continue to pray that each of us at St. Mary reclaims Sunday as the Lord’s Day. This intercession was inspired by an action item at the end of this pastoral letter.

On another topic, I hope everyone has noticed the concrete work we were able to accomplish in the last two weeks. This work replaces the areas with the greatest damage, addresses the drainage concerns in front of the school, and widens the approach from Lafayette Ave. As long as we are able to put funds into savings throughout this year, I would like to continue to replace other areas of concern next Spring. Work continues on our heating and cooling project as the cement pads and air conditioning units were installed these past weeks as well.

Have a blessed week,

Fr. Paul