From Fr. Paul 11-17-2017

Last week we completed two major improvements on our church building. First, we had heat! The forced air system installed in the choir loft side chambers and the upper church ceiling is now in use to heat our church. This is a great improvement that was much needed. Most of us are aware that the old radiant system in the church floor was past due to be replaced, and many of the heating zones had been turned off over the years. The old boilers were replaced with new, more efficient ones. We should now have a more consistent temperature throughout the building. The sacristy and children’s room heaters are in operation as well. Work continues to complete the “under the pew” installation, and cleanup continues so that the children’s room and balcony are available for use. I am thankful to our building committee and to our parish facilities/maintenance staff for overseeing this project. I am grateful for all of your patience and your financial contributions that continue to make this project possible. The second update completed last week was an upgrade to LED bulbs in the church. These provide better lighting and reduce cost. This also reduces the frequent need for our staff to use high ladders to replace burned out bulbs.

This coming week we will celebrate a great blessing for our Archdiocese as Fr. Solanus Casey, the longtime doorkeeper of St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit, is declared blessed. Over 60,000 people are expected to attend the beatification Mass celebrated at Ford Field at 4pm on November 18. Due to the number of priests attending this great event, there will not be confessions heard at 3pm or Mass celebrated at 4:30pm here at St. Mary on November 18. The Sunday 9am and 11am are scheduled as usual. To fulfill your Sunday obligation, you may attend Mass on Sunday or attend Mass at another parish on Saturday evening. Shrine is maintaining their Saturday evening schedule. Fr. Solanus is noted for his saying, “Thank God ahead of time”, so we thank God ahead of time for the many blessings our local Church will receive through his prayers.

In Christ,

Fr. Paul