From Fr. Paul 1-28-2018

This week begins Catholic School Week throughout our Archdiocese. It is a week to be grateful for the good work of our Catholic Schools past and present. It is also a week to pray and support our teachers, principals and all those who work to form our schools after the heart of Jesus so that they might be strong centers of learning where our children come to know, love and serve God and be guided on the way to Eternal Life.

We honor this week by praying in a particular way at the 9am Mass this weekend for the mission of our school. Students are invited to attend Mass wearing their school uniforms and will participate in some of the parts of the Mass.

All of us should be very proud to have a vibrant school here at St. Mary. The children and young families fill our parish with life. It is a great blessing for me to walk through the hallways of our school and see the joy of our young students, or stop in a classroom and hear our students learning and talking about their faith.

Our school is an integral part of the mission of our parish to unleash the Gospel in our part of Royal Oak and Southeastern Michigan. I am grateful to our dedicated staff and volunteers who make sacrifices for the sake of our mission, and I am grateful for all the parents who make sacrifices so that their children can have a Catholic education. I also thank all those who support our school with their treasure so that we can continue our mission and improve our facilities.

I invite you all as members of our parish to continue to keep our school in your prayers that we may always do our work better, be attentive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and help our children grow spiritually, academically and socially into the young men and women who will shape the world of tomorrow.

Holy Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

Fr. Paul