Deacon Tom's P.S. 8-13-2017

Calm weather and storms. That tends to be the story of our lives sometimes doesn’t it? Just when we have enjoyed a few weeks of calm and our lives seem to be happy and filled with joy, a storm blows in that we were unprepared for. A job loss, difficult illness, a large unexpected bill for a car or house damage, or a difficult temptation that pulls us away from our faith hits near. Suddenly we might begin to feel drowned in waves of worry, and wonder how we will make it through.

There are really two choices. 1) Allow ourselves to feel the initial doom of the disciples in the boat, thinking they are about to become like the ghost they think they see, or; 2) Go inside ourselves and seek the calm that Jesus provides.

I like to close these notes with a personal task for all of us. I think it is important that we have an “action step” for the upcoming week. This week I challenge us to listen again to the words of Jesus in today’s Gospel when we feel tested, “…do not be afraid”.

In Christ, Deacon Tom