Deacon Tom P.S. 12-3-2017

For Advent I would like to take a journey with Mary, our blessed Mother. I am borrowing some of the thoughts from a small booklet that has provided me with some new inspiration for this year. I pray it does the same for you as we wait in joyful hope!

Advent is a time of waiting. Each year we prepare our homes and hearts to celebrate the season and to receive the Lord anew. And each year we think we know just when Jesus is coming, and how.

Our Mother Mary had a greater wisdom. She shared the hope of all of Israel that the Messiah would come, yet when the angel appeared and told her the Lord would come in an unexpected way, she did not protest and say ”not me” or “not yet.” May we all learn to see how the Lord comes to us and be open to his Spirit.

In Christ, Deacon Tom