Deacon Tom P.S. 11-5-2017

In today’s three readings we see reminders. Reminders that what is more important is the message being received than who is bringing it to us, in other words, is the message true. However, we also have to remember that when WE are the messenger we need to try hard not to contradict the message in our actions.

In the first reading the Lord is sorrowful that the priests of the time are playing favorites instead of just carrying out their responsibilities. In the second reading St Paul reminds us that a minister of God should be humble, caring and loving but always speaking the truth no matter what the consequences.

Lastly in the Gospel Jesus gives an admonition that for us should become a key part of our lives; practice what you preach! We should work hard to live that admonition out each day or risk turning into those people Jesus chastised for being hypocrites and not living the way they were preaching!

In Christ. Deacon Tom