Deacon Tom P.S. 10-8-2017

All of the talk in the readings today reminded me of a recent trip to wine country in Michigan. It is nearing harvest time and there are seemingly millions of grapes hanging from the vines waiting to be harvested. Last week we heard of the two sons, one who said yes but didn’t, and one who said no but did follow through in his father’s vineyard. This week we see a landowner who would like to see his grapes harvested to make wine but his renters have a whole different plan.

Jesus was again testing the chief priests and elders who were quick to answer his question with the correct answer. What they were NOT prepared for was how he turned the tables on them. Any of us that have ever rented a house or apartment know the basic guidelines. Pay the rent on time, in full, don’t be a nuisance to the neighbors, and keep the place clean or else find yourself evicted and having legal trouble.

Jesus suggested that like those bad tenants the chief priests and elders would be “evicted” or perhaps not have a place with God for eternal life since they were not bearing fruit in the way they were teaching (or not teaching) God’s people. With the Archbishop’s calling to “Unleash the Gospel” we are all called to be fruitful in sharing our faith with others. I challenge us to continue reading that document to learn more about how we can do just that!