Deacon Tom P.S. 10-1-2017

So how about those two sons in today’s parable from Jesus? So many times we read these parables and find ourselves thinking “Well that one doesn’t quite apply to me” but, if we are honest with ourselves, we might recognize this same tendency in our own lives, myself included.

We call ourselves Catholic, but sometimes get caught up in our hobbies more than our prayer lives. We may be an expert in our profession, but not so much in our faith. We might find it easy to gossip or criticize but forget those too are faults. So if we think about it a little, we see clearly that having a contradiction between what we believe and what we live isn’t a good thing.

The second son wanted to impress his dad with being obedient, but underneath he might have been living for his own gratification and not for the greater good.

Remember though, that if we have these tendencies, we should NEVER give up or become discouraged! We should remember that Jesus raised people from the dead and he can certainly change any of our selfish sinful ways. My suggestion for this coming week is to take up the motto of St Paul in his Letter to the Phillipians: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”. (Phillipians 4:13)