Infant & Young Child Baptism

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak Baptism photoInfant & Young Child (Under the age of 7)

Baptism Information

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!  St. Mary Catholic Church shares in your joy at this happy time in your life!  We also understand that with your excitement comes exhaustion too, so please take your time reading how to prepare for your child’s Baptism. Our guidelines support your Christian relationship with Jesus!

Baptism is a Beginning!

Baptism is an event but it is also a beginning.  Perhaps you’ve been away from the Catholic Church for a while and you are coming back to your faith.  If so, WELCOME BACK!!!

This is a great opportunity for you.  It’s the beginning for your new holy family to attend Mass as a family every Sunday and to pray together as a family.   This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to think about your spiritual bonds.  How am I living out my faith? Do I have a relationship with Jesus that I can share with my child?  The demands and insecurities of parenthood can be intense.  Do I remember to pray to Jesus or ask our Blessed Mother to come into our family’s life to aid and support us?

The Sacrament of Baptism for your child can be an opportunity for you to deepen your faith and your love for the Lord. It’s all good!

Celebration of the Sacrament

The sacrament of Baptism for infants and children under the age of 7 is typically administered on the 2nd weekend of the month at St. Mary Church Saturday during 4:30 pm Mass or Sunday during the 9 am or 11 am Mass.  The Baptism classes are 7:30-9 pm in the Church and are for adults only. Only four infant and young child baptisms per mass.

2017 Infant Baptism Schedule

Month Class Date Baptism Date
March No Dates No Baptisms during Lent
April 5th CH 29th/30th
May 3rd CH 20th/21st
June 8th CH 10th/11th
July June 28th CH 8th/9th
August 2nd CH 12th/13th
September 6th CH 9th/10th

CH (church)

For children who are 8 years and older, please call Donna Trudell in the Faith Formation Office at (248) 547-1810 X207 to make arrangements for their faith studies in preparation to receive their sacraments.  

Baptisms for infants and young children (under the age of 7) are celebrated during the Mass.  Baptisms are not celebrated during the seasons of Advent or Lent.  

No private baptisms.    

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak Family Baptism PictureRequirements for Infant & Young Child (under the age of 7) Baptisms

  1. Parents are registered members of St. Mary Catholic Church. To register as a parishioner at St. Mary Catholic Church please contact the Parish office at (248)547-1818.  Parents attend weekly mass and support the parish by participating in parish activities or volunteer opportunities and by supporting the life of the parish by using the weekly envelope for your contributions.  Envelopes help us to know that you’re here.

  1. Parents must attend one infant baptism prep. session prior to their child’s baptism.  If you have attended the class before for an older child you are still required to attend the infant baptism prep. class for each child to be baptized.  The class is offered the first Wednesday of each month from 7:30 -9 pm in the church. This one-hour and a half class explores the theology of baptism. Classes are for the adults.  It is our experience that parents get more out of the sessions if they are not easily distracted.

Requirements for Godparents

Requirements for godparents are as follows:  must be sixteen years old, is a Catholic who has received all three sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) and who leads a life of faith in the Catholic Church.  Code of Canon Law #874.   

It is customary to have both a godfather and a godmother, but you may choose to have just one. However, it is not possible to have two males or two females as godparents.

Godparents are strongly encouraged to attend the Baptism class.  It is an honor to be chosen as a godparent and most Catholic adults need the enrichment opportunity that this Baptism class offers them.  If they cannot attend the class here at St. Mary, they are more than welcomed to take the class at their home parish.

“Can I have a non-Catholic (Christian witness) be a godparent?”  

St. Mary Catholic Community Downtown Royal Oak Family Baptism Picture

The answer to that is no, but a Christian witness may be chosen as long as a Catholic godparent has already been chosen for your child.  A Christian witness is not a godparent, since the godparent has the mission to hand on and teach the Catholic faith by word and example.  The godparent(s) will also make a brief profession of their Catholic faith in the Baptism ceremony. A Christian witness is chosen in addition to a godparent not in place of a Catholic godparent.  In allowing a baptized non-Catholic to stand in as a Christian witness, the Church acknowledges that person’s common Baptism that is shared by followers of Jesus Christ and truly appreciates that person’s great love for the child.

After you have read through the information, please contact Mrs. Christine Wagberg, Pastoral Associate, at (248)-547-1818 or by email to make arrangements.