First Holy Eucharist

First Holy Eucharist

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Sacramental Preparation Program

First Holy Eucharist for Children

First Holy Communion is our great and joyous meal of love, unity and thanksgiving

We, at St. Mary’s, are pleased to partner with parents in a great responsibility, educating their children in the catholic faith. Our program is rooted in family life, supported by classroom catechesis and celebrated with the church community.

Students are prepared in an all-parish program involving families whose children attend the St. Mary School and those whose children attend our after-school religious education program.  Our sacrament program is family centered; in which parents play a very important role in their child’s formation.

Preparation for Eucharist is a two-year program (typically grades 1-2), with our formal preparation beginning in the second year.

The first year the candidate will attend classes either in our after-school program or in the Catholic grade school. The child will learn basic truths of the Catholic faith, memorize their prayers, attend Sunday Mass with their family, and do the home activities in their “Call to Faith” text book with their family as directed by the catechist and DRE.

The second year the candidate attends the school or after school program, and the child and parents participate in the First Reconciliation (confession), and First Eucharist formal preparation, which is the family component offered by the parish.  First Reconciliation is celebrated before a child receives his/her First Holy Eucharist.

The family component for the second year consists of:
Large Group Workshop and Retreat for each Sacrament
These are attended by the parents and the child.  Instruction and information are provided.  There will be time for prayer, activities, listening, discussion and practice on how to receive the sacraments.

Home Study Materials
Much of the spiritual preparation for the sacraments is done by the families themselves.  The idea is to help families create opportunities to pray, to discuss, and to do activities that nurture their child’s faith.

Liturgical Celebrations
The culmination of this preparation process is the celebration of the sacraments. The celebration of Reconciliation will be in February and the celebration of the Eucharist is in May.  It is important that the children view this as just the beginning of celebrating these sacraments regularly.

We delight in sharing this significant time in your family’s ongoing faith development. We pray you will be enriched by the experience.  For more information please contact the Faith Formation Office at 248 547-1810