Christian Service News

 “…Do not worry about tomorrow: tomorrow will take care of itself…” (Matt 6:34)

Greetings everyone,

The month of February is such a short month. It disappears before we realize it. I remember thinking that this month I will get caught up on so many things. Now the month is almost gone and I still have many things on my list that need to be completed. The Gospel this Sunday teaches me a valuable lesson. No matter how hard I try to control life, God’s plans always take precedent over mine. And I should not worry about tomorrow because God is close by and He will not forget me; nor will He fail to give me what I need. He is always in control.

Below are some upcoming Christian Service activities that you may hear God calling you to explore. If you would like to volunteer for some Christian Service work, now or in the future, please give me a call at the parish office on extension 205 or email me: I would love to talk to you.

FLU SEASON: Yes, the flu season is upon us. Below are some general suggestions for helping us avoid the flu that I thought it worthwhile to mention:

  1. To reduce and/or eliminate contracting the flu be sure that you get your flu shot in a timely manner.
  2. Wash your hands with warm water and soap frequently and/or sanitize them using a hand sanitizer. “Correct” hand washing is the single most important habit that can help prevent the spread of infectious disease.
  3. Be sure you get sufficient rest, and if you are sick: coughing, sneezing, sniffling or generally not feeling well stay home.

BLOOD DRIVE: One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is to care for the sick. On Sunday March 12 from 9am to 3pm, the Red Cross will be in the St. Mary School Lunch Room accepting blood donations. This is a great way to care for the sick in our community. Be sure to stop by the table in the back of Church or in the Fellowship Center today to reserve a time slot to give blood. Or if you prefer you may register on the Red Cross website to give blood online for St. Mary using this link: If you register online, then please try using RapidPass. This is a new tool that allows you to complete your pre-reading and donation questions from the comfort and privacy of your home or office; reducing the time you spend at the blood drive by up to 15 minutes. I did this the last time I donated blood and I found it easy to use and it did allow me to save lives in less time. Either way please consider caring for the sick, accident victims, babies and adults who may need a blood transfusion to get healthy.

EASTER BASKETS for the JAIL OUTREACH MINISTRY: Please be on the look-out for a basket of plastic eggs in the back of Church with notes inside indicating small gifts needed to fill Easter baskets. Easter eggs will be available next weekend March 4th and 5th . One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is to visit the imprisoned. The Christian Service Commission will be filling 75 Easter Baskets for the families of men and women incarcerated in the Oakland County Jail. We are supporting the Jail Outreach Ministry located in Pontiac this Lent. Last year, when we did this project, many of you expressed compassion for the imprisoned and their families by purchasing small inexpensive items that we used to fill Easter Baskets for each member of their family. We wrapped each basket with cellophane and decorations. We hope you will have the same compassion for the imprisoned and their families again this year.

HELP WANTED: Are you looking for a volunteer position that would not require very much physical labor? Perhaps something you could do from home? Christian Service has an open position for someone who enjoys addressing and mailing greeting cards to people in our parish community. This is an important job that may require about one hour per month. It is part of our Companion Ministry. Up till now, I have been the person mailing these cards. However it would be better if someone in the parish would volunteer to take on this activity. The names, addresses, cards and stamps will be provided by Christian Service. There is nothing for you to purchase. If you are interested in this volunteer position, please call me at the parish office: 248-547-1818, extension 205 to arrange a time when we could meet and discuss the position more fully. This activity ties to Jesus’ request that we visit the sick as in Matthew’s Gospel 25:43-45.

MERCY IN ACTION DAY: Please save the date: Saturday October 14 is the day that we will be hosting one or more Corporal Works of Mercy activities here at St. Mary as we did last October. We are looking for a few volunteers to help us with the planning. If you are interested, please give me a call at the parish office on extension 205. Last year was pretty good as I recall. However we would like to improve upon it this year; and with your help I am sure we will.

FOOD PANTRY: Thanks to the Men’s Club, we have a small refrigerator in our Pantry. The addition of this appliance enables us to store and distribute small amounts of packaged cheese, yogurt, milk and eggs. Some of our guests have families that welcome the availability of dairy products. Other guests who are homeless also welcome the availability of yogurt or small containers of juice and cold water. Of course our guests always are thankful for your donations of nonperishable food such as canned meats, canned spaghetti and meatballs, and soups. Your generosity allows us to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty and provide for the basic needs of many families and singles living in our community. Thank you so much!

CLOTHES CLOSET: Thank you for clothing the naked with your continued donations of men’s and women’s clothing. Our guests appreciate all of the jackets, pants, boots, new underwear, new socks and deodorant that you provide.

Blessings to all,

George Krinke, your Christian Service Coordinator