Adult Baptism

Adult Baptism

Have you been thinking about what it would mean to become a Christian?  Perhaps you’ve been thinking more and more about what it would mean to have a deeper relationship with Jesus?  

Well, we understand if you might be feeling scared to take a leap of faith.  We understand if you might be feeling nervous about pursuing faith or feeling anxious because you don’t feel like you know anything about Christianity.  It’s okay and very normal to feel all those things.  But you’ll find that you’re in good company at St. Mary.

If you’ve never been baptized in any faith and you are contemplating what it would mean to take the steps to do so now, our St. Mary parish community offers a faith-sharing process for individuals like yourself who are thinking about becoming a Catholic Christian.  The process is called The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults most commonly referred to as the RCIA process.

Contact our Pastoral Associate, Christine Wagberg, (248-547-1818) to schedule an appointment, to ask questions and learn of the process to become a baptized Catholic Christian at St. Mary. 

What Can I Expect?

All adults making inquiries about becoming Catholic participate in a series of inquiry classes in the fall of each year.  The sessions begin in the first week of September and participants meet at the church every Sunday morning.

Adults who choose to become baptized in the Catholic church will participate in a series of Sunday faith formation sessions culminating in the reception of being fully initiated in the Catholic Church, (baptized, confirmed and First Holy Eucharist) at the Saturday, Easter Vigil in the spring.